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This is NOT the site of Dangerous Books, Milo's home for wayward authors.

Dangerous Books is launching slowly, as Milo has been busy mentoring troubled NBA players. But I am sure he will contact me any day now, since I own the natural home for his web site.

In the meantime, I'll help.


Dangerous Books is much more than a vanity house for one fabulous author, we hope. In a nice world, a pleasant world, Dangerous Books will grow into a publishing powerhouse, launched by a novel that justifies Milo's vision.

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Milo's vision is to liberate repressed authors, so we hope Dangerous Books will launch with a good book, by a new author, in a nice world.

In a fabulous world, Dangerous Books will launch with a red-pill sci-fi epic so groundbreaking, so dangerous, that Milo can righteously proclaim, "Denying this book the Hugo Award will discredit the Hugo Award."

Then critics will read the book, and be forced to admit, "Milo has a point. But he's still an asshole."

That book is Gaia's Wasp, the most beautiful story in this world, written by Dr. Insensitive Jerk.

Dr. Insensitive Jerk, in a startling coincidence, is me.

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Since we're fantasizing about a fabulous world, let's go all the way and throw in the entire U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, in a hot tub.

In that fabulous world, Dangerous Books will launch with a conceptual advance in book writing. The advance need not be monumental, but it must be credible. Conceptual. Not a gimmick, like multiple endings or embedded video.

That advance is Feelustration: pictures aimed at your brain.

By the way, that's the female gymnastics team. I thought I should make that clear, since, you know.

Feelustration is a genuine new idea in novel writing, demonstrated for the first time in the Dangerous red-pill sci-fi blockbuster, Gaia's Wasp.