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Q: Is this Milo's new publishing house?

A: Nope. That's here.

Q: How does this site make money?

A: It doesn't. Gaia's Wasp is saving herself for Milo, for the time being, because an extraordinary book deserves extraordinary marketing.

Q: What is the purpose of this web site?

A: To publish Dr. Insensitive Jerk's demands.

Getting Published

How New Mystery Authors Get Published

Q: What are Dr. Insensitive Jerk's demands?

A: My extensive demands are listed here. Until they are met, I shall hold this web site hostage.

Sadly, I probably won't create the obvious email address, milo at dangerousbooks dot com, and use it to send Viagra spam. Who wouldn't want Viagra from Milo? It would be huge.

Q: Do all new authors use extortion to get published?

A: No, only in Sci Fi. For example, David Weber got his start by parachuting onto the roof of Baen books, and planting a pipe bomb. Orson Scott Card snuck into Simon & Schuster dressed as a janitor, and kidnapped their only guy who could mount tape drives. John Scalzi got his big break when he photographed Mrs. Tor at a secret Republican fundraiser.

Q: What is feelustration?

A: Pictures aimed at your brain, the next big idea in publishing.